The coronavirus pandemic is killing people and taking everyone down. Our industries, our health, for some people it is their job and for others it is salary. But in these difficult times, we are all stuck at home with a strict lockdown implemented all over.

Employees are working from home, freelancers are losing clients and with so much strain on your mental health, it is becoming difficult to stay productive in our jobs day by day. Our bedroom and living room is now our workspace, and it always confuses us if it is time for binge-watching or working. It happens to most of us and there is nothing wrong with it. After all, no one is prepared to go through a situation like this.

One more problem we face in this world of smart gadgets is that they always have our attention, be it a mail or a snap, or a WhatsApp ping from your manager. But we should also not forget that our jobs are rather more critical in these difficult times and keeping distractions away should be our first priority.

If you are someone who is distracted by your smartphones every now and then, we have a few smartphone apps that will restrict you from doing so. Keep reading to know about them.

List of Apps to Keep Distraction At Bay

Smartphones have been offering some ground-breaking apps that are taking our attention away from the real things. When you keep using your phone for no reason, it is known as smartphone addiction. But this is very dangerous for you if you have a job that pays, or a date you were hoping to meet for a very long time. To keep this problems away, you need to keep your smartphone away. Ironically, only your smartphone will help you keep it away when its not needed. Here is a list of smartphone apps that will help you keep distractions away and enhance your productivity:


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

When keeping your phone down becomes impossible, make it a challenge and see the difference. It is a very well said strategy that works with mostly any problem you have. There are many apps that help you take away smartphone addiction, but Forest turns it into a little game. You can plant a seed in the Forest and wait for it to grow into a tree. If you cannot resist the temptation of opening your social media profile, the Forest will wither away and you have to start all the way from the start. You can also compete with friends and see yourself overcoming smartphone addiction.

You can download the app on Play Store and App Store.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ever thought about taking a digital detox, but easy accessibility of apps don’t allow you to do so? So hope on AppDetox and get yourself a digital detox you were aiming for. This app can help you calm down your mobile app usage. You can set your own rules for limiting your app usage. One of the best feature is you can log your app usage timings and get a warning from the app for exceeding the usage time. This one is a great app and can also be used as a parental control method.

You can find this app on Play Store.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

QualityTime is an app that lets you track your smartphone usage extensively. You can get hourly, weekly, and daily reporting of your usage statistics. You can curb your usage habits in the phone using features that allow you to set your own time restrictions. You can create different profiles and assign tasks for each type. This will help you block a few calls with auto-reply message, switching you off from the world for a little peace of mind. You can also block social media notifications using this awesome app.

You can find this app on Play Store and App Store.

Rating: 4 out of 5. is another great android and web application that will help you stay focused in your everyday work. You get two hour long sound tracks that helps you sleep, focus, or relax. You can choose from electronic music, chimes and bowls, rain, and so on. This is a very new way to enhance focus and concentrate on the work at hand.

You can find this app on Play Store and App Store.

There is a huge list of apps you can use for enhancing your focus and boosting your concentration. Although, focus and concentration can be developed with other techniques too and using apps is not the only way to stay focused. These apps will surely help you stay focused and take away all distractions while working from home.

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    1. I am planning to move on to it too. Ultimately, when google comes out with something this critical, you can always say that it has a plan and it is going to be a hit. Digital wellbeing is an important matter in the digital world, and the earlier people take it seriously, better it is for the mental health.

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