Google Android has come a long way from its version 1 to now stable version 10. There was a time when Android was just chasing to be the best in the industry. It seems like a short span that Android is now sharing the top spot in the most used smartphone OS, followed by iOS.

With every year passing by, Android introduces something new to its operating system and manages to surprise the fans with every roll out. Android 11 is no different, and once again it has managed to surprise the world. Google recently released the Developer Preview of Android 11 with various upgrades.

We have collated the 5 new features of Android 11 that are sure to surprise you, if you are finding the details too technical on the web.

Features of Android 11

Android has managed to rise up the ranking ladder over the past few years, due to the various additions and innovations it brings to people’s palm. Be it your smartphone or the Smart TV, you will see a lot more things becoming easier than ever. For example, when Android was actually catching the pace in tech world, it was not possible to reply to a conversation from the notification panel. Whereas now you can just swipe down the notification panel and reply quickly.

So what has Android 11 gifted its users with its latest developer preview, lets see.

Scheduled Dark Mode

Dark mode is an excellent way of saving battery and keeping your phone visible enough for you to carry out daily operations. Going all the way to the settings page and enabling the dark mode, might be a bit of a trouble. However, having the ability to schedule your dark mode forever, would be a great way to save a lot of time.

Android 11 has introduced the schedule dark mode feature which can be scheduled according to your convenience. You can either set a custom time or have your Android shift dark and white modes based on sunrise and sunset times in your time zone.

Chat Head Bubbles

Chat head bubbles are not new for Android users. Facebook messenger use chat head bubbles for keeping the ongoing conversation accessible from your Android home screen. There are a few independent apps too that can be used to get this functionality in Android. However, Android 11 has decided to give you pre-built with Android so you do not have to open an app all the time, to reply to urgent or important conversations.


Bubbles are surely a great addition to keep track of your important chats, but what if it can be further enhanced. Android 11 leaves no trail for that and conversations is just the answer to your question. Your notification shade can now show your messages in independent drawer called conversations. Everything from email to social media conversations, can be answered from here.

Improved App Permissions

Security is one of the key aspects for Android for a long time now. We have all come across various threats and patches that Android keeps sending as an update. Android, therefore, introduced an individual app permission feature in its last versions. Although, there was no option to temporarily give permission to your apps. Android 11 did its bit and now allows you to provide temporary permission to your apps. Basically, the user gets more control on his/her data with improved permissions settings.

Screen Recording

You might feel that this is not one of the most useful features, but trust us it is. If you are a blogger or a vlogger who always need to show people how-to guides, you will feel the absence the most out of anyone out there. Plus, it is a cool thing to have, may be you would know once you start with it. But, screen recording is on its way and Android fans no more need to install an extra application to do so.

Android 11 is still in its initial development stages and we are expecting a lot more to come with this preview edition. However, it would be interesting to see how many new features added for testing make it to the final build.

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