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Smartphones have become a daily driver for almost everyone in today’s world. There are smartphones that come in all price brackets. But the premium smartphones are the ones that everyone desire to have one time or the other. In this article, I will discuss the best android smartphones of 2023. I know there are quite a few iPhones in the premium range, but I will touch base with the best Android smartphones you can buy in India for a real good smartphone experience.

So, let’s get started.

I have collated this list based on online reviews, my experience and a few people in my circle using it. So, you can treat this as my first impression.

Best Android Smartphones of 2023

Here is the list of best Android smartphones you can buy in 2023.

  1. Samsung S23 Series
  2. Google Pixel 7
  3. Xiaomi 13 Pro
  4. Samsung S22 Ultra
  5. Oppo Find N2 Flip
  6. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung S23 Series

2023 marked the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series of smartphones. This is the flagship smartphone series offered by Samsung and every year is the buzz of the year. These smartphone offers the best camera, best software experience and features that are unique to OneUI by Samsung.

Samsung S23 is no different. The smartphone giant recently launched the Samsung galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy S23+ and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

In terms of screen sizes, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is the compact offering with 6.1″-inch screen, the Samsung S23+ comes with a slightly bigger 6.6″-inch screen and the big brother S23 Ultra comes with 6.8″-inch screen size. All three models come with an FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED display and 120 Hz refresh rate.

On the camera front, S23 flaunts 12MP ultra-wide camera, 50 MP Wide Camera and a 10MP Telephoto Camera with 3x optical zoom. S23+ comes with the same camera specs as of S23. The S23 Ultra, which is the hero model, comes with a 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera, 200 MP Wide Camera and two 10MP Telephoto Cameras 3x and 10x Optical Zoom.

On the battery front, you get 3900 mAh, 4700 mAh, & 5000 mAh in S23, S23+ and S23 ultra respectively. For performance, these phones sport a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

*Prices as per during the time of writing.


Google Pixel 7

If you were a fan of Nexus devices back in the day, these smartphones are for you. The Pixel range was launched by Google a few years back under its own brand wagon which got them popularity instantly. And, it is not only because it is from Google, but because they did something really cool.

Pixel range of smartphones have come a long way and these are devices known for its camera capability and stock Android experience. Pixel 7 is no different. Let’s know a bit more about the device.

The Google Pixel 7 comes with the Google Tensor G2 Titan M2 security processor. It is Google’s own flagship processor that allows Google to optimize their Pixel device for maximum performance. google Tensor G1 had a few hiccups in terms of processing and heating issues but Google has managed to resolve that issue with G2.

In terms of display, this one comes with 6.3″-inch FHD+ OLED display. Pixel devices can touch highest up to 90 Hz refresh rate. With a heavy price tag that Pixel comes at, a 120 Hz refresh rate panel certainly seems like a miss.

The Google Pixel comes with a 4355 mAh battery. And as per Tom’s Guide, “On our custom battery test — in which we have phones surf the web until they run out of power — the Pixel 7 averaged a result of 7 hours and 21 minutes across multiple tests. The average smartphone lasted 90 minutes longer on that test.”

Pixel 7 comes with a 50 MP wide camera and a 12 MP ultrawide camera. The front camera has a 10.8 MP sensor that has a ultrawide field of view of 92.8°. The Photo Unblur feature is first of its kind on google Pixel where you can actually unblur a blur photo clicked on your phone. Isn’t that exciting? No shaky photos. Google also promises 5 years of Pixel updates along with security patches and new Android upgrades. Is this one of the best android smartphones of 2023 or what? Decide for yourself.

*Prices as per during the time of writing


Xiaomi 13 Pro

The budget King of a time is now moving towards making more premium phones with top-class specifications and trust me when I say, these are really good ones. Xiaomi made a place in Indian market by making fantastic budget smartphones and slowly moved up to the high-end phones.

Xiaomi 13 series is no different. The Xiaomi 13 Pro comes with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, the same on as of Samsung S23 series. The timing of launching the phone is perfect since it goes neck-to-neck against Samsung S23.

For its camera performance, Xiaomi has joined hands with Leica and the performance seems fantastic based on the reviews online. It sports a 50 MP primary sensor that comes with a bigger Sony IMX989 sensor. Apart from that, this smartphone also comes with a 50 MP floating telephoto sensor and wide-angle sensor. The 32 MP shooter in the front helps you capture decent selfies.

Xiaomi 13 Pro comes with a 6.7″-inch 2K OLED display that supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. Also, it has a 120 Hz refresh rate. The phone comes with 256 and 512 GB variants and 12 GB RAM for offering optimum performance.

I never recommend Chinese smartphones to anyone in my circle for one reason and that is these smartphones have a lot of bloatware. MIUI is no different. At such high price tag, the last thing the user has to worry about is to uninstall unwanted apps. I prefer clean software performance over everything. Otherwise, the phone is worth considering.

I would recommend that you buy this phone only for camera performance because at the price tag of Rs. 79,999/- at the time of writing, it might beat the Samsung S23 very well. If you value user experience more, the clear pick has to be a Google Pixel 7 with a much smaller price tag or the Samsung Galaxy S23 for its compact and amazing OneUI.

*Prices as per during the time of writing


Oppo Find N2 Flip

Alright! There has been a wave of flip phones since Motorola relaunched its Moto Razr 2022 which is a great phone in itself. However, the scene for folding phones and flip phones have changed drastically since then. Samsung being Samsung launched the Samsung Z Flip series and since then, there was no turning back.

How could the smartphone giant Oppo stay behind in the race? Here it is with a more affordable Oppo Find N2 Flip. In terms of look-and-feel, the phone seems fascinating. The highlighting feature for me has to be the cover screen where you can use your primary, rear cameras even for selfies. Talking about camera, this one comes with a dual camera setup. The primary sensor is 50 MP and it has the 8 MP ultrawide camera. They have continued the collaboration with Hasselblad like their peer, OnePlus 11.

For performance, the phone comes with Mediatek Dimensity 9000+ SoC. The performance of this chipset is at par with any other Snapdragon chipset at this price range. Also, the phone does support fast charging. Generally, all Oppo phones do come with a fast-charging support with its proprietary VOOC charging brick. This one is no different.

Thankfully, the Color OS 13 has minimal bloatware, but it still does exist. So, if you still think that the Flip phones are for you, you can consider this gem of a smartphone in this category. If you are looking for a better flip phone, this can be one of the best android smartphones of 2023 you can have a look at.

*Prices as per during the time of writing


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung came up with the Fold phones immediately after Moto Razr. Samsung is known for its smooth software experience, flagship level processors and mind-blowing cameras. Samsung S23 Ultra or be it the older Samsung devices, the cameras are one of the best in this price range within Android devices. Samsung Flip phones are no different and this one comes with a good enhancement over its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy Flip 3.

In terms of display, the Flip 4 comes with a 6.7″-inch, Dynamic AMOLED panel. It also has a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor which is a last generation processor, but pretty powerful in terms of delivering performance.

With 3700 mAh, the battery seems to be a little short of delivering a full-day battery, but you never know, your usage might stretch the battery life to a day. On the camera front, this foldable comes with 12 MP wide & ultrawide camera, and a 10 MP selfie camera.

Given the choice between Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Oppo Find N2 Flip, I would recommend you choose the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. For smooth software experience, extraordinary camera and the trust of Samsung, this one is going to be your best bet.

*Prices as per during the time of writing


Premium smartphones are available across brands but if you are going to spend a fortune on a smartphone, you must spend it on something that is worth your money. The smartphones mentioned here are promising and deliver performance, making them a value for money proposition. I would recommend you go for a Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra or a Google Pixel 7 these are best smartphone overall for the price brackets.

By Manish

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