The year 2020 did not exactly start with a happy vibe with so much going on around all of us. The virus is causing a huge outbreak in the world. Although we all have been suffering the side-effects of lockdown, Apple is not at all in the mood to back down.

Oh! Apple unveiled its first smartphone of the year and it is different. Apple smartphones are one of the best in the market but most people cannot afford it due to its premium pricing. We cannot compare the competition when it comes to Android and Apple since they both stand tall with totally different standpoints.

But Apple did something very unexpected this time and launched the successor of the 2016 iPhone SE. Not only that, but the iPhone SE 2 is also going to compete with its mid-range peers. A good phone at the right price is what people have always been looking for, and Apple did it right. You can get theses compact smartphone at 399$ globally and starts at INR 42,500 in India. That seems like a shocker at first but that is really true.

Internet is going crazy on this move by Apple and why not, it has launched the right phone at the right time. It is good news for people who look at mid-range smartphones as their daily driver. But if you are worried if there is a lot of compromise at the price point, you need to rethink about it.

iPhone SE 2020 is one of the most awaited phones in the smartphone market over the world. There are two reasons for it, performance and Pricing.
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Let us tell you how it looks at the price range of $399.


If you are concerned about the performance, don’t be. Apple has taken care of it in a very special way for you. The iPhone SE 2020 sports the A13 Bionic processor which is the same processor as iPhone 11 Pro. You get one of the fastest processors at the price of a premium Android, phenomenal.


The latest iPhone comes with a 4.7-inch Retina HD LCD display with True Tone to match the ambient lighting in the room. It would be interesting to see what people think about screen size. But it is probably going to be the most compact phone for the year 2020 and in this price range.

RAM and Storage

iPhone SE 2020 comes with a 3 GB RAM and 2.65 GHz Hexa Core processor for all-round performance. Apple iPhone SE 2 will have three storage variants: 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Looks good enough.


The camera is one of the most important factors of a smartphone these days and a disappointment in this area is a big loss to the manufacturer. The iPhone SE 2 has a 7-megapixel front shooter and 12-megapixel rear shooter which may not seem the best on paper. They have included some great hacks in the camera making it a premium quality offering. It comes with portrait mode for the front camera, thanks to the image signal processor and neural engine of the A13 bionic. The 4K video recording is also going to stay with you for better video experience with 60 fps.


Alright! Here comes the sad part. The design is a little outdated if you are very much adamant about having no bezels on your phone. The design at first reminds you of iPhone 8 and why not, it is exactly the same one. Fat bezels on either side might be a turn-off for people who are too much into look-and-feel. The other features very easily compensate for the bezel with its performance-friendly spec sheet.

Though the phone looks very strong on paper, it will be really interesting to see how it turns out in the market. The response might be very overwhelming by all the Apple fans, but the performance of the phone will speak for it. We leave you here with what the iPhone SE 2 has offered on paper and it is your call to decide if you going to invest in the spec-heavy phone or not.

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