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Smartphones have been with us for a while now and we all know how easy our lives have become since they have been innovated. Life had never been this easy before. Be it storing or clicking photos, sending images in a jiffy or merely storing a phone number; our smartphones do it all on its own.

However, due to the increased use of smartphones the issue of storage has prominently increased over the last few years too. Smartphone manufacturers are constantly coming up with bigger storage options and still, the problem is persistent.

We will help you understand the reasons behind it and also give you a 5 ways to save your Android storage.

Why is phone storage shortage a big issue currently?

Android phones have sure come a long way with internal storage options ranging from 64 GB minimum and going up even till 256 GB. In spite of this, some people face a major storage issue in their Android smartphone storage. There are a few reasons to it that people either don’t know or don’t plan to look at it objectively.

Being careless

We all have different social media apps like WhatsApp from where we download all types of content that we would hardly see in the future. It is important that you check your memory status and keep cleaning your phone storage whenever required.

Using short media platforms

People who use short media platforms like TikTok, Snack Video, and so on do not realize this but their videos are downloaded on the phone when they make and upload it. You have to disable options to download these clips so you can just keep everything limited to the platform.

4 Ways to Free up the Phone Storage

Android is becoming more and more user friendly since its starting days, and we all know how good that feels. In case you don’t know which apps are holding up space in your smartphone, you can find that out in a very easy way.

Use Settings App

All you have to do is, go to Settings > Storage > Free Up Space. In most Android smartphones, this will be the most convenient way to go for. Check out the screenshots below.


Once you click on the Free Space button, you have to choose the apps you want to delete that hold-up your phone storage.

Uninstall unused apps

Installing apps is one of the best features of smartphones. You can install as many number of apps as your storage allows. There are many apps and games that we install on our phone but we do not use all of them. Hence, it is best that you always uninstall the apps that you don’t need or don’t use.

Make a backup

Creating a cloud backup is the best way to keep your phone empty, safe, and smooth. One of the ways to increase your phone’s efficiency is to hold only the required data and apps in the phone. I recommend you to always use cloud backups like Google Drive, One drive and so on to safeguard your data. This way, your data always stays safe and keeps your phone empty.

Use your laptop/computer

Use your laptop or computer to save the phone data. You can easily transfer all your media files, photos, videos, songs, and so on using your USB cable.

The whole idea of clearing up phone storage looks really basic at the start but it is not that common. I know many people who do not follow these small practices and then complain about the phone’s performance.

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