How To Create A Table Of Content in WordPress?

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We have grown-up reading books that have a structured way of telling you how to reach a particular chapter or a post. We used to call that index, and whenever we knew the chapter we wanted to deep-dive in, we used to open the index, check the page number, and jump right into the chapter. It helped us save time, made the chapter accessible, and it was kind of fun. 

Nothing has changed since then, except that we would be doing the same exercise on the web. TOC in WordPress, makes information more accessible.

This article will help you understand how to create a TOC in WordPress that will give your articles a great look and your reader a way to navigate within the blog.

Why Should You Use a Table of Content Plugins on WordPress?

Before understanding how to use a table of content in WordPress, you must first understand why it is required. Let us help you with that. 

A reader viewing your blog is more likely to return if you can present your information in an accessible manner. It’s always good to enhance visitors’ experience by incorporating a table covering all the important topics on your website. 

A WordPress TOC improves the ranking of a website by making more readers come across your page. The extra tables hold a very imperative position in the ranking factor. You don’t only add tables to improve user experience but also because search engines love it. 

WordPress TOC plugins are a solution for adding a table of content to your blogs. Improve the appearance of a typical word-based file by installing a perfect plugin. It is simple to use and delivers multiple advantages to the web owner. As soon as you install any of the five mentioned table of content plugins on WordPress on this page, it will instantly increase your navigability and web appearance.

How To Select the Best WordPress TOC Plugin?

  1. Identify the plugin that relies explicitly on shortcodes as a solution.
  2. Shortcode-based plugins make it easy for a website to crawl on the search engine.

How To Add A Table of Content in WordPress manually?

In simple terms, a plugin is anything that makes your manual job easier by automating tasks in the way you want them. Just like an SEO plugin or image compression plugin, you can also use WordPress plugins to make a table of content for your blog post. 

You can also create a TOC for your blog post manually, although it might take you some time to learn those programming basics. However, that is still very much possible. There is no need to fear anything as long as you are determined to make things happen. 

Table of Content
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Make use of code

If HTML is apprehensive, go for the codes as a better option. Using codes to create a table of content in WordPress would be equally beneficial for your website. You can choose headings and font styles with codes, and HTML gives better creativity and more finishing.

Use archives and templates

You can use TOC archives and templates comes with a specific preset design. These enable you to create instant pages for bringing the users to the exact content they are searching for. Templates are usually available in the form of links.php and archives.php. You can also include themes while trying the coding part.

Different Styles of Table Of Contents That Exist

Here are some of the most popular styles to impress the users and increase the visibility of your website. Make sure that you take a very keen note of the below-mentioned options and choose a perfect plugin for generating a table of content on your WordPress website.

Floating table of contents

A floating table of content needs the user to create a table that remains stagnant towards the sideline of the page. It just takes two steps in implementing floating tabular data in a WordPress site. You can use a fixed widget plugin to position the created table of content in a specific page area. The primary benefit of using floating tables of content is its visibility. In other words, it does not disappear when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page.

The sidebar-style table of content remains completely fixated towards the right or left-hand side of the webpage. Creating a sidebar TOC in WordPress is straightforward using a specific plugin or manual steps.

5 Table Of Content WordPress Plugin

Now comes the time when you realize that a table of content can be created in a matter of seconds. This is where the plugin will come into the picture. While several plugins exist for generating a table of content for your WordPress website, we have shortlisted the five best WordPress’s table of content plugins that can help you get the job done. Go through the list of the best table of content plugins and make a wise decision to choose one:

Easy Table of Content plugin

With the Easy Table of Content plugin that goes according to its name, you can conveniently generate as many tables for a website as you want to. It can automate the creation of a table of contents in a well-generated format. You can highlight certain sections and improve visibility on the pages.

Lucky WordPress table of contents plugin

The free-of-cost plugin for creating a table of content on WordPress has received a 5-star rating because of its impressive features and rocking style. The classical way of working includes automating the insertion of tables of content. It is straightforward to configure, post and manage the Google snippets using the custom tools of the application. Show creativity by using a variety of colors, titles, fonts, and themes with the help of a control panel.

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CM table of content

The comprehensive tool for creating tables of content on WordPress has some powerful features, and it is developed by a team of experts that delivers an unprecedented experience. You can easily integrate a lovely table of content to any post while defining sections and generating data in a tabular way. 

The plugin instantly converts content in a tabular form by allowing you to choose page and post type. There are shortcodes for ensuring that the table of content appears only on the required pages. You can configure multiple settings at the backend while adding a floating table of content.

Table of contents plus plugin

This excellent table of content plugins for WordPress quickly organizes everything, just like the Wikipedia website. All the posts are well supported with shortcodes, defined sections, and dozens of languages. The plugin is very responsive and has a small section to help the users precisely. You can also choose the FAQ section to better brush up on your knowledge.

A simple table of the content plugin

The short code-based WordPress table of content plugin is perfect for beginners who do not know to code. You can generate unlimited tables of content, absolutely free. Take the help of the available screenshots to develop the tables and learn how to integrate them. A complete guide will let you know how to add a table of content in WordPress in a precise manner. The application is phenomenal and has good ratings because of its helpful support.

TOC might not be a compulsion, but the experts prefer it, and many people feel that it enhances the user experience and is suitable for search engine hygiene. However, it is up to you if you need these plugins or not. For a simple fact, it can give your blog posts a monotonous look, and someone interested in reading the whole article might find themselves searching for the right set of information.   

The choice is yours. 

Would you like to keep the TOC or go the old-fashioned way? What do you think? Should we also have a table of content at the top of the page, or should we keep it as it is? Let us know in the comment section.  

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