Apple has recently hosted its Worldwide Developer Conference for the year 2020 in a completely different format as compared to so many years. The main reason for taking WWDC 2020 online this year was the pandemic and social distancing.

Although the situation throughout the world is not that great, Apple recorded two successful moves in one single year. The launch of an amazing, powerful, and performance-friendly Apple iPhone SE 2020, and the launch of a brand new iOS14.

Apple users will get to taste the final and stable version of iOS 14 in the fall this year. But, if you cannot wait for the final built and want to see the new Apple OS evolve, you can get yourself the beta version of iOS 14. The only condition here is the released beta update is a developer-only update. So if you are not, you might want to register yourself as an Apple developer and then download the Beta.

iOS 14 is out. Check out the latest features here in this post
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How to get iOS 14 Developer Beta for your iPhone?

First things first iOS lovers, iOS 14 will be available for all Apple iPhone from iPhone 6s and higher. The next important step is to register yourself as an Apple Developer.

You can register yourself for the Apple Developer Program using your Apple ID. You also have to pay the total annual fees of €79/$99.

How to install iOS 14 Developer Beta?

  1. Go to Safari on your iPhone, log on to, and log in using your Apple ID.
  2. Go to the Downloads section, scroll down to iOS 14 beta and click on Install Profile, then click Accept.
  3. Open the Settings app, you will find the downloaded profile at the top of the screen. Tap on it. If you can’t find it, go to General > Profile and tap on the iOS 14 beta profile.
  4. Now, press the Install button at the top-right to install the iOS 14 beta profile.
  5. Read the consent form before giving your consent.
  6. Restart your iPhone.
  7. Go to Settings > General > Software Update, where you will see the iOS 14 beta. Click on Download and Install.
  8. Let your iPhone finish downloading the update. Tap Install when prompted.

If you follow all the steps right, and things work as they are supposed to, your iPhone will be running iOS 14 beta.

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Top iOS 14 Features To Look For In The Developer Beta

iOS 14 developer beta is out, and you can download one for yourself. It is recommended that you don’t try and play smart by applying for a developer beta if you are not a developer. Apple is very strict about it, and you might have to face the consequence. Therefore, make sure you read everything well before clicking on the “I Agree” button.

With that being said, let us move on to the 5 best features of iOS 14 that are making rounds among Apple users and developers.

App Library

Apple had been keeping its home screen as it since 2007 and with iOS 13 also, moving the apps was a tedious task for all users. iOS 14 is now going to make things easier for you and the way it is going to do so, is known as App Library. iOS 14 will automatically organize your apps into pre-defined folder named after their basic functionality. For example, Facebook and Instagram should directly go to a folder named Social.

Although App Library is great to have out-of-the-box features for almost all the smartphones, Android launchers had done this long back. There are Android launchers like Smart Launcher, which categorize your app on its own.

Widgets and Smart Stack

Again, if you are a Android Fanboy or have been reading this as an Android user, you will not find anything new about widgets. Android has dedicated apps that can change the look-and-feel of your widgets and improve the home screen appearance.

Call Notification Window

Widgets do sound like an old feature for Android fans, but iOS has added a touch of innovation as it does to all its phones. What iOS 14 did special with its widgets is, you can actually put a widget over another and make a stack of widgets for yourselves. You can have weather, music player, and video player on together one above the other. You just have to swipe up and down inside the widget window to see each of them independently.

It is also capable of making a Smart Stack widget based on your usage history and preferences. Now that is Smart! And, also something that Android widget family cannot do.

Set the Default

iOS 14 now supports default apps for email and browser. Although the list of browsers supported by Apple is limited, it is still said to be a smart move. In an interview, Apple’s Senior Vice President explained that the limitation in setting default browser and email apps is to keep the security intact. They don’t want just any browser to be set as default, but the one that aligns with Apple’s security policy. It is a good move in preserving the privacy of its customers.

Siri’s Makeover

Apple’s Siri gets a new and improved minimal interface. Prior to iOS 14, Siri used to start a black screen which used to hide everything in the background. Siri now gives you a little space of yourself to see the home screen, but it isn’t accessible yet. Will you be able to access the icons when Siri is on? These questions can be answered only when the final stable version of iOS 14 comes out in the fall.

Call notifications go small

iPhone had a reputation of doing everything big. It was so much into their habit that everything they did used to occupy the entire screen. Be it your call scree, Siri, or anything else. But, Apple is now moving towards minimalism and iOS 14 first developer beta points towards it, very clearly. Phone call screen will be reduced to small notification window which will allow you to keep doing what you are without distracting you.

These are the top 5 iOS 14 features that we are excited about. You have many other fun stuff too, like Memoji which are basically emoticons with a face. It can be yours too. By the way, they look really cute. Then there are AppClips too.

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