The Indian government banned some 118 Chinese apps two or three days ago. Now it is not a big deal for many people, but Indian smartphone gamers are very much disappointed.

You ask why? We will tell you. This list contained one of the most popular game, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround or PUBG. In case you one of them, we have got you a fresh list of games that can act as a solid alternative to PUBG mobile.

Cheer up my friends! Here are a few amazing and best alternatives for PUBG mobile.

List of PUBG Mobile Alternatives

Are you ready for some of the best and action-packed PUBG alternatives? Let us help you get across some amazing alternatives to these Chinese giants.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the best alternatives to PUBG. The reasons are simple and we have put all of them down in a list format.

  • Supports low end phones and high end phones equally well
  • Graphics are a bit low end, but worth the time
  • Supports 50 players at a time
  • Most downloaded game of 2019
  • Optimized to run on low-end devices as well

If you are someone who is worried about top-notch graphics, Garena is coming up with Free Fire Max, which will offer top notch graphics performance.

Garena Freefire

Platforms: Android, iOS


Another great and top competition of PUBG is FORTNITE. This is one of the biggest competitions of PUBG for mobile and PC gamers. Although, the player base of this game is far behind as compared to COD mobile and PUBG mobile. What is great about Fortnite? Let us see.

  • 100 players survival game
  • Unique cartoonist graphics
  • Well-executed and fun dance moves
  • Difficult to play without controllers
  • US-based company EPIC games, TENCENT has 40% stakes

Available on: Android

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Battlelands Royale

Alright! Let us give you a unique alternative to your PUBG craze. Presenting the Battlelands Royale. This game has different types of graphics, different players, various maps, but still, the game stands out. Here are our thoughts:

  • Cute little characters
  • Cartoonish gameplay environment
  • 32-player battle royale
  • No waiting in lobbies
  • 3-5 minutes battle royale

Take a note that this game is a perfect alternative for kids and others who might get affected due to bloodshed games. This is not for hardcore gamers.

BattleLands Royale

Available on: Android, iOS

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is not a new name in the world of gaming. PS4 and Xbox gaming enthusiasts are very well aware of this amazing game which came out as an alternate to Counter-Strike. What are our thoughts, let us take a look.

  • 100 player battle royale mode
  • 5v5 deathmatch
  • Multiplayer modes like CoD Black Ops
  • Compatible with budget and high-tier devices
  • Takes up 2 GB of storage

Call of Duty: Mobile

Available on: Android, iOS

So, here are our top 4 alternatives to PUBG mobile which can cheer you up and also help you bring out the gamer in you. We have added options that can work on most devices, so if you are not a proud owner of big giants and expensive phones, you can still have memorable gaming experience.

Which is your favourite alternative to PUBG mobile? Is it in the list or you have a different take on this, do let us know in the comments below?

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