Android is known for its open-source nature and customizations. There is a huge scope of customization for Android user from home screen customization to app customization and a lot of things.

To achieve these customizations you get some amazing launcher apps that help you change the look-and-feel of your Android.

What is a launcher?

A launcher is an app that can help you change the overall look-and-feel of your smartphone home screen. You get some amazing launcher apps from the most popular Nova launcher to the less known smartphone launchers. However, you get to use some unique launchers too like AIO launcher, Lens launcher and so on.

I will be speaking about a similar unique launcher called the Blloc Ratio Launcher. I have done a detailed walkthrough of this beautiful yet unique launcher for you.

Let us deep dive into Blloc Ratio Launcher and tell you how cool it is.

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Blloc Ratio Launcher – Review

I have used this launcher for a while now, and very happy with the overall performance.

Ratio Drawers - A dedicated page for all your categories.


Ratio organizes your apps in a very systematic manner. It categorizes your apps into drawers named as per the basic domain. All your editing apps would go into a category called “Creativity”. This category screen in the launcher is known as Drawers in Ratio launcher.

Inside every drawer, there are a few apps which look like tiles. Every app can be seen in the form of tiles.

Root - The place to use cards or normally known as widgets.


The Root screen acts as a widget screen for Android launchers. You can pin down cards and keep your music player here. Plus, you can also check your weather or search something with the search engine option. You can configure the Root from Ratio settings. You can keep the ones you need and remove the ones you don’t.

Details page - The details page is a place where you can find all your app-related data.

Details page

Ever thought about monitoring app usage, storage tracking and other things about an app? Well, if your answer is yes, the Blloc Ratio launcher allows you to do exactly that. You can long-press on any app tile and check the usage and do other settings too. Moreover, You can change the appearance of the tile and also change the way you use your apps.

Ratio settings

You get a dedicated settings page for the launcher from where you can handle the permissions and other things. You can arrange your app drawer or select the right configuration for yourself. A lot of things can be managed from here and you will be surprised by the number of settings you get to see.

You can long-press your home button when you are inside the app and the app will turn completely monochrome.

What is special?

You might say that all this sounds somewhat similar or like a USP of the Ratio Launcher. And it is not something that we have not seen.

But what is special about Ratio launcher is its initiative. It offers you a clean and minimal UI. Also, it is completely black and white which aims at reducing distractions. It also focusses on improving user experience without you having to compromise with any aspect of your usage.

You can still enjoy the way you use your phone, but will not be distracted every now and then. Going the monochrome way will help you reduce your app usage to a certain level.


The Blloc Ratio launcher is a perfect app for people who are looking for a minimal experience without compromising with the UI. It is perfect for everyone who is looking forward to avoiding smartphone distractions. It is also for people who like to have apps organized in a way that can help them locate the app when they want it.

We say you get this for smooth UI, minimal experience, distraction-free smartphone usage and everything you cannot do with other launchers.

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