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Android, one of the mobile operating systems, used by the majority of people across the globe. The USP of Android is customizability, affordability, and availability. As a result, you get to use custom ROMs for your smartphone. We will understand about it in detail, in a while.

There is something about this operating system and the love of developers for this operating system. It is an open-source smartphone operating system that allows developers to develop their own version of Android.

What is Open-Source Project?

Open-source software is the one whose source code is readily available for the developer community. Literally, anyone. The whole idea of open-source software is to make the code of the software public.

You can find these codes on online communities like GitHub and other places. These codes can be further used to make new software from scratch or further make changes and release a whole new software as your own.

Android is also an example of open-source software. All the Android OS differ in their appearance and many other smartphone makers add a touch of their own.

What is a Custom ROM?

Like we already mentioned, Android is one of the best mobile operating system. Its open-source nature invites a huge community of developers to contribute their own ideas to the project.

There are two types of development support that Android gets. One is from the OEMs and the other is from independent developers. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Samsung, Motorola, and OnePlus, make their own smartphones and use Android in their smartphones.

On the other hand, independent developers use Android source code to make a new version of Android OS, called custom ROMs.
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Custom ROMs are known for their innovative additions, and these additions are taken from one or the other Android skins. As a result, you get a few new additions too, which you probably might have not seen in a lot of smartphones. Also, these ROMs are developed as a part of their passion. Hence, these ROMs are also free.

Should you Install a Custom ROM?

Installing a custom ROM on your phone is a difficult task. Therefore, we recommend you follow a tried and tested procedure for installing it. However, you should avoid flashing custom ROMs without any knowledge.

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Coming to the main question… Installing a custom ROM on your smartphone can be a subjective decision. Most people who love custom ROMs like me believe that they give me a way to enhance my smartphone experience. They add various functionality and bring out the near-stock experience for yourself.

There are different ways in which you can customize your phone with the right custom ROM. Paranoid Android, Resurrection ReMix, Pixel experience ROM are some of the best Custom ROMs.

Final words…

Custom ROMs adds an array of new features that can make your smartphone more customizable, adaptable, and even more flexible in some cases. You can install custom ROMs on your smartphone provided these ROMs are available for your smartphone.

We will discuss different custom ROMs and its type in the next blog. Let us know about your favorite custom ROM in the comment section below.

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