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What Are Custom ROMs?

Android, one of the mobile operating systems, used by the majority of people across the globe. The USP of Android is customizability, affordability, and availability. As a result, you get to use custom ROMs for your smartphone. We will understand…

Last Generation Smartphones Worth Buying in 2020

Smartphones are getting more and more powerful over the years. With the advancement in technology and new processors launching every year, the prices of flagship smartphones are also touching the sky. I have collated a list of last generation smartphones…

Micromax Set to Launch Three New Smartphones

Micromax might become the winner if they go the right way to woo the audience and sure to grab the attention of the Indian consumer, if they could beat the Chinese brand just where they need to.

5 Old Tech Gadgets The New Generation Is Not Aware About…

Retro Gadgets arethe roots of todays smart generation. The best of tech have been invented by the experts long back, and we are just innovating more and more with it. Check out some of the cool gadgets of all time, which changed the face of technology over the years.